Australians waste 4 million tonnes of food a year. This equates to 523kg of wasted food per household. That’s the same weight as 5 fridges! At Eat It, we aim to provide simple but practical solutions that will help reduce household food waste. Our friends at Spice Quarter   also believe in the importance of reducing household food waste and their products deliver a simple solution to purchasing spices that never get used and inevitably end up in the trash.

We spoke to Megna, founder of Spice Quarter, and asked her how they reduce food waste at home and through their subscription box.

First of all, what is Spice Quarter and how does it work?
Spice Quarter is an Australian monthly spice subscription box. Every month we send you three gourmet, organic spice blends and matching kitchen tested recipes.
Our spice blends are organic, paleo and vegan. We offer free delivery in Australia and a variety of subscription options to suit everyone.
Our recipes are simple, delicious and easy to prepare and they include a handy ingredient list that you can take with you when you go shopping. We also have recipe videos on our website!
All Spice Quarter recipes are designed to use simple and common ingredients that are found in your pantry or are easily purchased at the local supermarket. Since our spice blends are packed with flavour, you only need some salt and pepper to adjust the dish to suit your palate!

What made you want to start your business?
I started Spice Quarter because I was frustrated at the lack of healthy and organic spice blends in the supermarket. I love to cook so I would purchase several bottles of spices to cook a particular recipe. One day when I was cleaning out my pantry I realised that many of the spices were past their expiry date and had to be thrown away. I considered the spice blends in the supermarket instead, but they included additional ingredients like fillers, preservatives, colours, flavour enhancers and other additives. I did not find them authentic or fresh. I started exploring other options to cook healthy and flavorful meals at home. I tried the meal kits with fresh ingredients but they need to be prepared soon after delivery to get the best result which was not always possible due to my hectic work schedule. Besides, I like to go shopping and choose my own fresh vegetables, herbs and meat!
The solution was to source my own organic and gourmet spice blends with fresh, natural ingredients and that is how Spice Quarter was born.

How do does Spice Quarter raise awareness for food waste?
At Spice Quarter we include tips and tricks for home cooks in our newsletters. These tips include ways to make the most of your ingredients and how to waste less and eat more! We also design our recipes such that they can easily be used to cook an intimate meal for two or a feast for the whole family.

What do you do at home to reduce your household food waste?
At home we reduce our household food waste by planning our meals for the week and only shopping for what we need. We also try to shop for in-season produce whenever possible.

How can our readers reduce their own food waste by using Spice Quarter?
Spice Quarter makes it easy to reduce food waste. When you purchase a Spice Quarter subscription you get three spice blends with a long shelf life of 12 months along with recipes for every blend. The recipes list all the ingredients and steps needed to prepare between 6-8 serves per pack of spice blend. You only need to purchase the ingredients you need for the recipe that you plan to cook today! Whether you cook everyday, once a week or you are entertaining, our subscription boxes make it easy to cook delicious meals at home. With Spice Quarter you can cook delicious meals from around the world to suit your schedule while reducing waste, saving time and having fun!

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